We produce handmade leather gloves for generations.

L’Artigiano del Guanto S.r.l is a workshop crafted in Naples in 2016 specialized in the traditional production of leather craft glove, inherited from our father who carries out this activity for 10 decades.
Our product is the result of an artisan work, which follows the rules and times dictated by the ancient tradition of the Neapolitan glove makers.
Our policy is based on simple but fundamental principles: product reliability, warranty of the materials used and compliance with Italian and European laws regarding the processing and treatment of leathers.

Our collection of handcrafted gloves.

Our collection of handcrafted gloves is addressed to men and women, we produce handcrafted gloves in wholesale leather, honoring ourselves with the collaboration with the best brands of Italian and International fashion and retail for all those who ” of a simple glove ‘ ‘they want to make it a detail of unmistakable style.

Our collections are born from the processing of excellent raw materials whose provenance and quality is always certified and qualified. Our production is born through the processing of:

  • African Lambskin (Ethiopia)
  • Carpincho leather (South America)
  • Peccary skin (Peru)
  • Deerskin (North America, Canada)

processed and processed exclusively in Italy, in our laboratories and our tanneries of reference in the Campano area.


L’Artigiano del guanto S.r.l
Via Barone, 19 – 80145 – Napoles

L’Artigiano del guanto

It is a craft workshop specialized in the production of Italian leather gloves. Our workshop was born from the ancient family tradition inherited from our father who has been and has been doing this activity for five decades.